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Dear Parents,

As somebody once said, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Presidium, we believe, is one such idea.

The school is founded on the belief that children should be encouraged to dream, and passionately pursue their dreams. We work towards opening their minds, help them identify their interests and aspirations, and nourish their individual talents.

We believe that every one of our students has the potential to become a leader of tomorrow.

Our unique philosophy has already produced significant results. Presidians today excel in competitions, talent searches and sports meets. Their academic performance is as sterling too.

Another proof that our worldview has found wide acceptance is our remarkable growth in a short span of time – at present Presidium has seven schools and centres of excellence like Starmakers, Currimakers and Lifemakers. These centres are being steered by teams of experts who see the child as a whole, as someone who not only has intellectual needs and potential but also needs nurturing of his/her social and emotional being.

Today Presidium is more than a school; it’s a movement that is transforming not just the sphere of education, but society at large.

Our mission, however, has always remained the same. We are, and always will be, a school for the leaders of tomorrow.

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